We are pleased to introduce our enterprise with its over thirty years of successful activity in various chemical products markets. The team of highly skilled professionals makes products enjoying demand in more than 40 countries of the world. Dedicated corporate work of every specialist provides for the steady high quality products which in their turn are the feedstock for many industries. Company specialists are constantly working at quality by upgrading and increasing the final product range.

Information of the day

OJSC "Naftan" invites to cooperate in the field of LDPE grade 15803-020 2nd quality (injection molding) deliveries. Contact information: +375 214 55-78-25,
email: negatina@polymir.by
- specialist on marketing Anastasiya Negatina

211441, Novopolotsk, Vitebsk region
Republic of Belarus
Phone: +375 (214) 55-72-10, 55-79-80
Fax: +375 (214) 55-79-69, 55-78-82
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Bidding on products

General information for bidders interested in purchasing of products:

1. Time of conduction is 14:00 o'clock, local time.
2. Place of conduction is the hall №2 of the administration building of the plant "Polymir".
Offer example.
4. If you are willing to participate, the bidding will be held at presence of your representative. Please, inform about this in advance. The representative shall have with him or her the Power of Attorney(Example) in the original issued in the established order.
5. The Application for connection example.
6. During bidding the bidder can make changes in the offer in relation to prices, delivery basis, market, volumes. In the case of change by a participant in its offer  with each participant signs
“The protocol about the results of the procedure of the procedure of the choice among competitors for the right to conclude the contract” with the indication of changes 
7. The commission is entitled to apply pecuniary provision (deposit). 
8. E-mail address:
9. Fax: +375 214 55 79 41;+375 214 55 79 84;+375 214 55 79 92.

Contact persons

1Hydrostabilized pyrocondensate 09.07.2015
Electronic Auction System
2Low density polyethylene
3Acrylonitrile 14.07.2015
4Ammonium sulphate16.07.2015
5Low density polyethylene 22.07.2015
6Mixture of Propane and Butane Technical23.07.2015
7Acrylic fibre and/or tow Nitron-D
in the countries of Asia
with deposit
Завод Полимир
8Acrylic fiber and/or tow Nitron-D
to all countries except Asia
Mixed acrylic fibre Nitron-D
10Low density polyethylene 04.08.2015
Electronic Auction System
11Hydrostabilized pyrocondensate 06.08.2015
13Mixture of Propane and Butane Technical12.08.2015
14Ammonium sulphate18.08.2015
15Low density polyethylene
16Acrylic fibre and/or tow Nitron-D
in the countries of Asia
with deposit
Завод Полимир
17Acrylic fiber and/or tow Nitron-D
to all countries except Asia
18Mixed acrylic fibre Nitron-D
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