We are pleased to introduce our enterprise with its over thirty years of successful activity in various chemical products markets. The team of highly skilled professionals makes products enjoying demand in more than 40 countries of the world. Dedicated corporate work of every specialist provides for the steady high quality products which in their turn are the feedstock for many industries. Company specialists are constantly working at quality by upgrading and increasing the final product range.

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Pigment superconcentrates

Technical characteristics

Thermal Stability of colouring at 200°C during 15 min No change in colour Thermal stability of colouring and pigment migrationfactors are determined on samples of coloured high pressure polyethylene
Pigment Migration nil  
Granule Size, mm 2-4  

Packing — paper and polyethylene bags.

Pigment superconcentrates are used for colouring of polyolefins. Recommended metering of pigment super concentrates in dyeing of polyolefins to be 1-2%.
JSC "Polymir" included in The Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry "BELNEFTEKHIM"
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