At present a modern highly automated plant "Polymir" is one of the largest chemical plants of Belarus. 5 plants with 30 main and auxiliary plants cover 800 hectares. Over 6000 specialists work at the enterprise. A team of highly skilled specialists of various plants can solve various tasks including production, research, marketing and sale. Annual foreign trade turnover is about 200 million USD.

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Republic of Belarus
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Polyethylene wax PWO-30

Technical characteristics



Melt viscosity at 140 0 C, Pa.s. 10-3

25 - 80

Dropping point, °C, not more than


Penetration hardness, 10-1 mm, not more than


Acid number, mg KOH per 1 g of wax

25 - 30

Saponification number, mg KOH per 1g of wax

45 - 80

Packing - special metal containers.

Oxidized polyethylene wax type PVO-30 is used for production of polyethylene emulsion and for plasticization of faux leather compositions.
JSC "Polymir" included in The Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry "BELNEFTEKHIM"
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