Polymir products are used in various industries: cable production, plastic processing, packing production, carpet production, textile fabrics and knitwear, man-made fur, consumer chemicals, paper, etc. A number of organic compounds offered by Polymir can be used as a raw material for further synthesis of various specialty chemicals.

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Polyethylene wax PW-200 and PW-300

Technical characteristics


PW-200 Grade

PW-300 Grade

Melt viscosity at 140 °C , Pa. s. 103

180 - 300

300 - 450

Dropping point,  °C, not less than



Penetration hardness, 10-1 mm, not more than



Ash content, %, not more than


not defined

Specific volume resistance at 110 °C and voltage not less than 100 V, Ohm / cm, not less than

1х 1014

not defined


particles of spherical shape 

particles of spherical shape

Packing - polyethylene bags, special containers, special railway and auto pneumatic tanks.

PV-200 is used for precoating of paper substratum in electronic industry, for sealing compounds in cable industry and for improving technological characteristics of printing inks.

PV-300 is used to produce modeling wax compositions.
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