We are pleased to introduce our enterprise with its over thirty years of successful activity in various chemical products markets. The team of highly skilled professionals makes products enjoying demand in more than 40 countries of the world. Dedicated corporate work of every specialist provides for the steady high quality products which in their turn are the feedstock for many industries. Company specialists are constantly working at quality by upgrading and increasing the final product range.

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Certificates of State Registration for the products in the Customs Union

Product name

Technical normative legal
act for the product

Number and date of issuance of the

Certificate of the State Registration

Technical acrylonitrile

GOST 11097-86


dated  21.03.2011

Technical acrylonitrile

TU BY 300042199.100-2011


dated 29.02.2012

Technical acetonitrile

TU RB 300041455.010-2002


dated 21.03.2011

Technical acetone

GOST 13198-77


dated 21.03.2011

Technical acetone

TU BY 300042199.126-2014


dated 06.01.2015

Polyethylene emulsion

TU RB 300041455.023-2002


dated 18.03.2011

Pigment superconcentrates,
grade SCP 001 white

TU BY 300041455.020-2005


dated 21.03.2011

JSC "Polymir" included in The Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry "BELNEFTEKHIM"
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