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Low density polyethylene

The first Belarussian polyethylene was produced in 1968 by the technology of ICI company.

Polyethylene is made by free radical ethylene polymerization in tubular and autoclave reactors at a pressure of 1600-2100 atm. It is produced as base grades and compositions.
Гранулы ПЭВД


LDPE base grades: 10204-003, 10803-020, 10703-020, 15803-020, 12203-250, 11503-070,  17703-010, 10303-003, 12903-003, 10903-020, 15303-003.                                             

Field of application:        
- manufacture of films and film articles for packaging of industrial, food, pharmaceutical, agricultural products and reactants
- blow articles, pressure pipes
- injection molded small-and large size profile-molded products
- anti-corrosion coatings for apparatus and pipes used in aggressive environments

Technical characteristics

Продукция из ПЭВД


Cable grades:
  • thermostabilized: 102-02C, 107-02C;
  • thermo-and light-stabilized: 102-10C, 107-10C;
  • self-extinguishing: 107-61C, 158-281M.                                                                                            
Field of application: insulation of flexible and elastic cables for radar, radiometric, telemechanical devices.                                                         

Technical characteristics

Кабельная продукция

Special film grades:
  • light-stabilized for agriculture: 177-209, 108-08, 108-236;
  • white (milky color): 108-001, 177-353, 158-001.
Technical characteristics.
  • 108 black 901

Technical characteristics.

Field of application: manufacture of films for packaging of goods, agricultural products and light-stabilized films for greenhouses.


Pipe grade: 102-14 (technical carbon content: 2% ).

Technical characteristics.


Concentrates of technical carbon KTU-30.

Application — for polyethylene compositions dyeing and stabilization, used in cable industry.

Technical characteristics

Vilaterm Low Density Polyethelene.

Vilaterm Low Density Polyethylene is a mixture of start-up and in-between batches of low density polyethylene production and its compositions of different grades, colors and shades. Vilaterm Polyethylene is intended for the production of technical products: non-pressure pipes, fittings, blown products, etc., excluding articles that come into contact with food and potable water.

Technical characteristics


The plant Polymir offers to supply a low-molecular-weight polyethylene (LMWPE) produced as per TU RB 300041455.031-2004. This product is widely used in the following areas:

  • For applying onto the paper or paperboard to create a glossy surface and luster printing, for good flexibility at low temperatures. Coating of paperboard allows to increase wear resistance, improves chemical resistance; cardboard is coated with wax composition containing 50% of LMWPE.
  • Addition of LMWPE to polishing pastes allows to increase curing temperature, creates glossy texture and prevents condensation.
  • In the rubber industry LMWPE is widely used as a lubricant, which is compatible with different types of rubbers, facilitating extrusion and calendering.
  • In the textile industry LMWPE is used to impregnate different fabrics to create a water-repellent material, increase the tear resistance and improve seam

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