At present a modern highly automated plant "Polymir" is one of the largest chemical plants of Belarus. 5 plants with 30 main and auxiliary plants cover 800 hectares. Over 6000 specialists work at the enterprise. A team of highly skilled specialists of various plants can solve various tasks including production, research, marketing and sale. Annual foreign trade turnover is about 200 million USD.

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Organic synthesis products

Propylene made of gasoline is a raw material for organic synthesis used to produce acrylonitrile, methylacrylate, acetonecyanohydrin, acetonitrile.

Acrylonitrile, acetonitrile

Asahi Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. process is a method of propylene oxidation ammonolysis.


Acrylonitrile is used for the production of synthetic fibers, ABS plastics, special wear-resistant, styrene-butadiene and nitrile butadiene rubbers, butadiene-nitrile resins, various plastics, rubbers, acrylic acid esters, plasticizers, copolymers with vinyl chloride, styrene (SAN plastic), cyanoethyl cellulose, for the synthesis of other chemical products (acrylamide, methyl acrylate, glutamic acid, adiponitrile and further hexamethylenediamine - raw material for the production of nylon and polyurethanes). Technical characteristics.


Acetonitrile is used as a raw material for the synthesis of chemical products, for the production of vitamin B1, in the textile and petrochemical industry, as a solvent of organic compounds, as an extractive agent for separation of hydrocarbons by extractive distillation, and for the removal of tars, phenols and colorants from hydrocarbons.
Technical characteristics.


Acetone cyanohydrin is used for the production of methyl ester, polymethyl methacrylic film, methacrylic acid, BMK-5 resin, AS resin, MKB compound, porophore ChHZ-57 and other products.
Technical characteristics.


Methyl acrylate is used for the production of acrylic fibres, photofilms, acrylic emulsions, various grades of polymethacrylates, fabric proofing, gluing of plywood, fabrics, in pharmacy and for some other technical use cases.
Technical characteristics.
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