Polymir products are used in various industries: cable production, plastic processing, packing production, carpet production, textile fabrics and knitwear, man-made fur, consumer chemicals, paper, etc. A number of organic compounds offered by Polymir can be used as a raw material for further synthesis of various specialty chemicals.

211441, Novopolotsk, Vitebsk region
Republic of Belarus
Phone: +375 (214) 55-72-10, 55-79-80
Fax: +375 (214) 55-79-69, 55-78-82
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Plant «Polymir» location

Coordinates of our enterprise for GPS:

the latitude:

N 55°30.60'

the length:

E 28°34.60'


Novopolotsk, Republic of Belarus:

Plant "Polymir", Novopolotsk:

Location map of the plant Polymir:

JSC "Polymir" included in The Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry "BELNEFTEKHIM"
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