We are pleased to introduce our enterprise with its over thirty years of successful activity in various chemical products markets. The team of highly skilled professionals makes products enjoying demand in more than 40 countries of the world. Dedicated corporate work of every specialist provides for the steady high quality products which in their turn are the feedstock for many industries. Company specialists are constantly working at quality by upgrading and increasing the final product range.

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OJSC "Naftan" invites to cooperate in the field of LDPE grade 15803-020 2nd quality (injection molding) deliveries. Contact information: +375 214 55-78-25,
email: negatina@polymir.by
- specialist on marketing Anastasiya Negatina

211441, Novopolotsk, Vitebsk region
Republic of Belarus
Phone: +375 (214) 55-72-10, 55-79-80
Fax: +375 (214) 55-79-69, 55-78-82
Main / Investment proposal

Investment proposal

         We welcome investors to participate in the implementation of the investment project "OJSC Naftan, plant Polymir. Construction of a new ethylene-propylene production unit."
         This project envisages construction of a new ethylene-propylene production unit with a feed rate of about 76 t/h and the output of not less than 300 thousand tons of target products (ethylene and propylene) per year, which will be processed at the existing productions of the plant Polymir with subsequent manufacture of the following commercial products:
         - Low-Density Polyethylene;
         - Acrylonitrile (AN);
         - Acrylic fiber.

Preliminary estimate of the economic indicators for the project is as follows:

Capital expenditures (excluding VAT)

511 million US dollars

Increase in revenue from sales of commercial products

131.9 million US dollars

Profit increase

65.91 million US dollars

Internal rate of return

9.96 %

          The plant Polymir of OJSC Naftan welcomes potential investors to submit for consideration their proposals for implementation of this project.
         In case you are interested in cooperation, please contact:
Deputy Director - Chief Engineer of the plant Polymir of OJSC Naftan, Mr. Yury Fedorovich Kosko:

Tel.: +375 214 55 72 80
Fax: +375 214 55 72 21
E-mail: info@polymir.by


JSC "Naftan" offers for sale and rent High-status property complex. The territory of the complex includes:

         1. 3-storey reception house – total floor area of 2156,7 m2, includes 13 guest rooms, a meeting room, a billiard room, a fireplace room, a sauna, a swimming pool, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room, a laundry room;
         2. One-storey guest house with an attic floor, total area – 210.7 m2, includes 2 guest rooms, a fireplace room, a kitchen, a wine vault. The reception house and the guest house are fully furnished and equipped.
         3. Service and security staff building, total area – 62.1 m2.
         4. Boiler-house (gas substation).
         5. Shelter and an open parking lot, a pavilion with a wood-fired grill (barbecue), a pond, recreation area.
         The complex is fenced on all the sides with a capital concrete fence, the whole periphery is equipped with CCTV cameras.



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