At present a modern highly automated plant "Polymir" is one of the largest chemical plants of Belarus. 5 plants with 30 main and auxiliary plants cover 800 hectares. Over 6000 specialists work at the enterprise. A team of highly skilled specialists of various plants can solve various tasks including production, research, marketing and sale. Annual foreign trade turnover is about 200 million USD.

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OJSC "Naftan" invites to cooperate in the field of LDPE grade 15803-020 2nd quality (injection molding) deliveries. Contact information: +375 214 55-78-25,
- specialist on marketing Anastasiya Negatina

211441, Novopolotsk, Vitebsk region
Republic of Belarus
Phone: +375 (214) 55-72-10, 55-79-80
Fax: +375 (214) 55-79-69, 55-78-82
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Speech of Director

Dear Sirs,

I am happy to have the opportunity to present our enterprise and to welcome you at our official web-site.

Lots of changes in the methods of formation of internal and external production strategy are traced nowadays, although the principle of the  respect for our consumers, as well as a wish to satisfy their requests on the  quality of our products,  and being obligatory about the signed treaties remains unchangeable.

I think, that the acquaintance with our enterprise will let you find more possibilities in making new contacts in commercial, scientific-technical and investment spheres.

I hope that our knowledge and experience will be helpful to you and your activities.


Best regards,
 Oleg V. Zhebin
JSC "Polymir" included in The Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry "BELNEFTEKHIM"
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